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Grandpa and Grandma Pothast's Hoosier Cabinet
Grandpa and Grandma, my mom's parents, used this cabinet in their kitchen up until they put in a 'modern' kitchen in the 1960's. At that time, the top went upstairs and the base cabinet went to the barn. While the top was in good shape when I bought it at their estate auction in the mid-1980's, the base cabinet was in sad shape. Mice had made homes in the drawers and the bread drawer was missing.

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I had the entire cabinet dipped - a sad mistake on my part because the back of the top cabinet fell apart and that was where the manufacturer sticker resided on the back. Anyway, the man that did the dipping for me made a new bread drawer and replace the bottom of the base cabinet. On the top, he replaced the back and two front door panels. I then refinished the cabinet. Much work was put into staining the new wood panels to match them up with the existing wood - with mediocre success.

John and Grace's Hoosier cabinet
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These cabinets are commonly called Hoosier Cabinets as they were mostly made in Indiana. In fact, there was actually a company called Hoosier in Indiana that made them. Other companies were Wilson, Sellers, Napanee, Boone, and McDougall. You will usually see a name plate over the rollup part stating the name of the manufacturer. Our cabinet carried the Sears & Roebuck name, although I suspect it was probably made for Sears by one of the other manufacturers.

I found a company in Indiana that sells reproduction replacement parts for Hoosiers. It needed a new flour bin. You will notice the glass jar in the rollup area just above the white porcelain countertop - that is the sugar jar. I had the metal ring and bracket but had to purchase a new jar. There's also a side bracket for attaching a grinder (I have a cherry pitter attached to it). The bracket was gone but the holes were there and the reproduction one fits perfectly.

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The Hoosier cabinet

hoosier cabinet Stocking the Hoosier
If you take a look at the picture, you'll notice the popcorn we raised last year stored in old canning jars with zinc lids. A little lower, you'll see the green beans that Grace and I canned. That was our first try at canning and after two batches, every can sealed!

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