• Rick Widman - Drums, Percussion

  • Bob 'Hawkeye' Dull - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

  • Matt Grant - Lead Guitar, Harmonica, Keyboards, Vocals

  • John Lucas - Bass Guitar, Vocals

This group of talented musicians came together in 1984 as the 'Crossfire Band.' After achieving local fame in North Central/Northwest Ohio, they set their sites on touring as a road band. Several personnel changes and an eventual breakup occurred. In 1987, however, the original 4 members reunited and selected the name 'Copperhead Road' after the song by Steve Earl. The boys were performing up to 6 nights per week at times and had several house band gigs in Toledo, Ohio. The Summer of 1990 saw the band go into the studio and cut the 10 track album 'In the Land of Northern Lights.' Five original songs grace this album written by Bob Dull with 3 of the 6 cowrote with Matt Grant. Bob handles the lead vocals on five of the originals plus 2 covers with his wonderful rich, husky voice. It's been said that Bob sings Travis Tritt better than Travis Tritt! Matt sings lead on the bonus track - Lover's Fantasy and two of the cover tracks.

In late 1990, personnel changes again plagued the band and caused their eventual breakup. All members finally went their own way.

1990 CD
CD cover

Original Songs
  • Dancin' to the Beat
    (of my broken heart)
  • Road Song
  • Honky Tonk Saturday Night
  • Desperado's Heart
  • Land of Northern Lights
    Lover's Fantasy

Cover Songs
  • Dont' Close Your Eyes
  • A Better Man
  • Crazy for Leavin'
  • Save a Little Room
    (in your heart for me)
  • Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'
Purchase the CD 'In the Land of Northern Lights' containing 6 original songs and 5 cover songs. This album was originally sold only on cassette (without Lover's Fantasy) and only 200 were produced. Those 200 very quickly sold out. Recently, we digitized all the songs from the original 7 1/2" master reel tape capturing the nearly perfect clean studio sound that was lost on the cassette. You must hear this CD to understand what I'm talking about. Also, the CD cover artwork is new. All CD cover photos are never before released including 4 photos from the studio during the recording of the album.

CD can be purchased at the Greensburg Pike General Store. Just look in the 'Books - Music - CD's' Section. Click on the banner ad below to be taken to the store.

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  • Bob is occasionally performing with the DB Hawkens Band.
  • John is in the Sawbuck Band.
  • Matt is currently living in Tennesee and performing with various Nashville recording artists.
  • Rick toured on the road with several other bands before settling in South Dakota. In May of 2001, he moved back to Ohio. Rick sold his 'Red Sparkle Ludwigs' and no longer performs.

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