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What began as some track run around the living room floor in 1993 evolved into the Lemoyne & Lake Erie Railroad. This 'O' Gauge 3-Rail layout used to cover an area 18' x 24' with over 200' of track taking half of my basement. Motive power includes engines by Mike's Train House, Weaver, Williams, and 3rd Rail with a wide assortment of rolling stock. The layout era is around the 1940's but there is some modern equipment on the rails, too. All construction, track laying, model building, and landscaping had been by my hand.

I had to tear down the layout in 2006 due to moving. Maybe someday The L&LE will run again.

A few photos of the Lemoyne & Lake Erie Railroad

Grew up looking at this logo on the big silo
at Luckey Farmers Lemoyne, Ohio Elevator

I came across this small switcher engine sitting in a small industrial yard in Clinton, MI in April of 1998. I was immediately taken by the 50's era style nose. Luckily, I never go on vacation without my camera. As soon as the photos were developed, I picked the best three and had 11x14 prints made. They are now framed and grace the wall of my home and work office.
gmdh1.jpg - 10.4 K gmdh3.jpg - 10.4 K
gmdh2.jpg The engine is the GMDH-3 Switcher made by General Motors in their London, Ontario plant in 1960. It was styled to resemble GM's "Train of Tomorrow." The GMDH-3, which operates with a 8V-71 Detroit Diesel engine and an Allison transmission, was purchased by the Southern Michigan Railroad in 1996. It was used in industry until 1992.
In March of 2001 I heard from the President of the SMRS, Cynthia Given, who happened across this page. She informs me that the GMDH, while still being restored, is up and operating, and was used in 2000 on their excursion trips. It will again be used during the 2001 season, May through October. Here's what else Cynthia says is going on...

As to Southern Michigan Railroad, we will start our excursion operations between Clinton and Tecumseh from May through September on Sundays. We also book tour groups on Thursdays and some Saturdays as engineers are available.

In October we hold "Fall Color Tours" where we load in Tecumseh and follow the line to Raisin Center where it is separated by the Norfolk line. We stop there and have cider and donuts and return trip to Tecumseh. This is both Saturday and Sundays.

To schedule a group or reserve your ticket call SMRS office at 517-456-7677.

Bronze railroad signs

Indiana & Ohio
I photographed this Indiana & Ohio engine in 1994 sitting next to an old grain elevator in Leesburg, Ohio on the old B&O line south of Columbus. I am told that they have acquired a new loco on the line now - a GP38 rebuilt in 95 to AC. It is in the Oregon Central & Pacific paint scheme. Thanks to Delwyn Walker for that info.

C&O logo bo_logo.gif

The Creation of Chessie & Peake
A "Real" Chessie Cat


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