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My fondness for chickens started when I was about 9 years old. I think Dad always liked chickens, too. When we moved to Oak Harbor, there was an old chicken coop already on the farm. So Dad put it to good use right away. We had around 100 Leghorns at any given time. He would buy them from the Lindsay Hatchery as 20 week old pullets - ready to lay. I also remember someone giving us some Banty chickens too. I remember them being small but quite mean at times - especially the rooster.

There was one hen who took a liking to me. She would run to see me every time I opened the coop door. I took a red marker and put a small mark on her back so I could tell it was her. I'm not sure whatever happened to Eggy... I guess I'll try not to think about that.
Dad with a chicken
My father, Lawrence, holding a rabbit with a hen looking on. Circa 1920
April/May 2002 - Many changes took place at the family farm after Dad's passing in 2002. The farm was sold and the old chicken coop is long gone. Luckily, I took some pics before they tore it down. Click the pictures to enlarge.
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I know it don't look like much but functioned very well for many years. The ceilings were low so you had to kinda bend over a bit when walking around in it. I liked the design so well that I plan on modelling my coop after it... with higher ceilings!

Egg Weighing
Egg weighing standards were developed for local markets in Petaluma California between 1913 and 1917. At that time and for some time to come Petaluma was the egg and poultry capital of the US. Scales such as the brass beam Reliable, The Standard and Champion were manufactured at that time. The FDA created a national standard at the request of Army procurement in 1925 and revised them in 1927.
Tri-County Poultry Protective Assn
This little plaque has been in the family for many years. I have never heard any other mention of the organization. I would assume it refers to 3 counties in the NW Ohio area. If you know anything about it, please let me know.
Tri-County Poultry Protective Assn.

Ohio Eggs
Ohio is the number-two egg-producing state in the nation, behind Iowa. The state produces nearly eight billion eggs each year.

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