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A lot of wit with just a dash of wisdom for flavor
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Old bumb songs from the Depression Era
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Welcome to our internet chicken farm. Naw, we don't have chickens on our farm yet, but we're working on it!

We have quite a few interesting pages for you to check out so click on any of the links and see what you can find. We hope you come back often to see what we've added. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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Grandpa's Hoosier Cabinet
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Farmall A Tractor
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Where I work - DrainageKits.com

Things for sale, FREE Kittens, and our 'want' list

See what's going on in the Chicken Coop

Links to other interesting web sites

Geneology - The Lucas and Burkhardt Family Trees

A little wisdom with just a dash of wit for flavor
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Model and real railroading stuff
The Mayflies of Lake Erie
no bumbs allowed
A collection of hobo and bumb songs

The old Koerber Brewing Company of Toledo
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Steam Graphics & Web Design Co.
Rickenbacker bass
The Bands
John's band autobiography
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John's band - Sawbuck

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